Several years ago my then wife and I decided to part company.  What was supposed to be an amicable separation turned out to be a very acrimonious divorce battle and a battle that ended up costing me well in excess of £10,000 and almost cost me my home thanks to the incompetence of my then solicitors.

When I first consulted my solicitor, I was given a rather gloomy prognosis and it was actually suggested by my solicitor that I was likely to lose everything I had and end up sleeping in the Regent Square Park.  As far as the solicitor was concerned, I was done for!

Over £10,000 later I was left facing bankruptcy.  My wife and I had owned several properties.  One of the properties was transferred to my ex-wife and another was sold to help her stem the flow of her avaricious credit card funded lifestyle.

My ex-wife declared herself bankrupt.  Even though one of the properties had been transferred to her, the mortgage was left in our joint names and I was sued by the lender for the arrears.  The lender was on the verge of bankrupting me which was when I approached Donald Pirie of McKenzie Friend 4 U.

With some exceedingly smart legal advice and relying upon his fantastic negotiating skills he persuaded the lender to halt the repossession action and then embarked upon negotiations with the Trustee in Bankruptcy.  He then raised court proceedings seeking a Vesting Order to transfer the title into my sole name.  He won that case and thereafter negotiated repayment terms with the lender.

The property is now entirely mine, the arrears have been cleared and I now face a bright future thanks to McKenzie Friend 4 U.  But for them I would be sleeping on a park bench with nothing to my name.

My life was literally turned around.

I have now instructed McKenzie Friend 4 U to pursue my former solicitors for damages in respect of their bad advice and incompetence.  I am certain Donald will win!

Darren S