The McKenzie Friend 4U winning edge

Why use us?

There are many fine solicitors, legal advisers and McKenzie Friends in the UK you could use.  Why use us?

McKenzie Friend 4U have a unique edge

The short answer is that we are absolutely unique.  We possess a blend of legal experience and knowledge no other legal consultant has. We know of no other legal adviser who really understands what it is like to be at your wits’ end with worry and the feeling of being abandoned and alone.

You need to reach an informed decision as to who you want to help you.

McKenzie Friend 4U was set up by Donald Pirie.

Donald used to be a solicitor in private practice and has extensive experience of all types of court work and litigation spread over many years.  After a lengthy investigation he was struck off in late 1996.  He was subsequently bankrupted and lost roughly £450,000.  Thereafter he was subjected to a police investigation lasting about 3 ½ years culminating in a 7 week trial after which I was convicted by majority of several counts of dishonesty resulting in a 5 ½ year sentence.

When in custody he was horrified to listen to the tales of enormous injustice and spent much time helping others less able to help themselves.  He discovered there was no real expertise around in relation to prison law and decided to form a business upon release designed to help prisoners.  As time progressed he realised there was a broader need in that there was as great a need for all people being able to access competent legal advice at an affordable cost.  That idea has evolved into McKenzie Friend 4U.

In addition to his law degree he took an accelerated degree in criminology and social policy when in prison.  His tutor egged him on to apply for postgraduate research.  Donald was accepted by a number of universities for PhD research into the concept of justice and how it can be measured within the legal systems of the UK. Whist still in custody he was even offered a teaching post by a prestigious university.

Donald’s immense legal experience as a senior practitioner coupled with having been a subject of the system and my postgraduate studies have put him into an almost unique position in the UK.  We know of no other adviser at present anywhere in the UK with the same blend of experience of both sides of the fence or with the academic knowledge he has.

We know what it is like to be alone

Donald knows what it is like to be under immense stress and all about things going wrong.

We know of no other legal adviser who really understands what it is like to be at your wits’ end with worry and to feel totally isolated and alone in court.  That is why we know how you feel and why we will leave no stone unturned in our efforts to help you.

The combination of experience as a solicitor, experience of being the subject of a long court process, the experience of life inside plus academic research into the concept of justice gives Donald an edge and understanding no-one else has.

Put that edge, experience and understanding to your situation and be a winner with McKenzie Friend 4U.  Don’t fight without us in your corner.